History repeats itselfHistory repeats itselfHistory repeats itself…

So, in the ’80s, we armed the radical theocratic Taliban and Muslim extremist Osama bin Laden so they could kill the Russians, who were our enemies.

Then, later in the ’80s, we funded moderate dictator Saddam Hussein so he could kill the Iranians, who were our enemies.

Now, apparently we’re arming Sunni insurgents in Iraq so they can kill al Qaeda members, who are our enemies.

So, when the neon fucking hell are we going to learn that this kind of thing tends to bite us in the ass? These are the people who are killing our troops, and we’ve given them weapons so they can turn on their former allies in al Qaeda. Now, what anyone with half a brain might tell you is that if they’re willing to betray one set of allies, they’re pretty damn likely to betray another set!

Dear Mr. President: what the fuck are you thinking?