Damn it, Ralph Nader

Wrong finger, Ralph.Ralph Nader, what the fuck?

Yes, that’s right, the election-killer is entering the race once more. He talks about wanting to end the cycle of corporate pandering and Pentagon waste that hurts the working class. Instead, once again, he seems poised to draw votes away from the only candidates with a realistic chance of doing that, effectively donating them to John McCain, who he describes as “the candidate for perpetual war.”

Nader apparently denies that his role in the 2000 election handed victory over to George W. Bush on a silver platter, despite getting almost three million progressive votes in a race decided by less than 600. The man isn’t a maverick; he’s either a closet Republican, or he’s fucking delusional. Really? You don’t take any blame for what happened in 2000? That’s okay, I suppose; the Repbulicans haven’t taken any blame for anything that’s happened since, so it’s really par for the course.

Never have I hoped more for Ron Paul to enter the race as a Libertarian candidate, and hopefully cancel out the poisonous Nader influence.

To anyone seriously considering dropping their vote on this ancient electoral vampire, I emplore you: isn’t eight years of disastrous Republican rule enough? Do you really want to increase the chances of another Bush-mold Republican becoming Commander-in-Chief? If your answer is no, then vote for someone who can win.

And Ralph? Why don’t you court a cabinet position? You’ll be able to do more with that than with another failed Presidential bid that would inevitably divide the electorate in a race that progressives desperately need to win. Please, Ralph, for the love of all that is pro-middle-class and progressive, drop the fuck out.