A serious question

This is an honest question that I seriously doubt any of my readers would know, but I think it’s worth asking (it’ll also be worth looking up on Wikipedia after I post this):

Do Jains drive?

Jains are, after all, notorious for going so far in their quest not to kill any living thing that they sweep the ground before them so they won’t kill bugs and limiting even what vegetables they eat so they can avoid killing plants.

So, are there Jains who drive? I ask this because I have seen my car after I drive in the spring and summer, and the front of it is typically covered in dead bugs.

There’s no real judgment to this, except my usual thought that the Jain principle of non-violence is necessarily impossible for a human to achieve. We kill by existing; we must kill to fuel our bodies, and our bodies kill through no action of our own just to maintain basic health. I appreciate the good intentions of the philosophy, I really do.

I just hope, for their peace of mind, Jains all live within walking distance of work.