Guest Post: ‘Sup, my duggars?

Jon‘s recently gotten back into the blogging game, so I asked him to write up a brief guest post here. Without further ado…

The Duggar family basically exemplifies everything that is wrong with white people: hyper religious and preachy about it, southern, home schooled, ignorant and proud, multiple first names (let’s face it, if I read Jim Bob Duggar in a work of fiction, it would thoroughly end my ability to suspend my disbelief), desperately wants to star in a reality show, too many damn kids, and of course Republican. In fact, Duggar should be an racial slur for white people. It even kind of sounds like one.

“I almost got run off the road by that duggar in the minivan.”


“I hate Wal-Mart, that place is full of duggars.”
“At least they’re not screaming, hey mother f-er, where’s my box wine?”

Get on this, people. You might want to start using Heene while you’re at it.