You like me, etc.

As of this writing, my last post has been awarded the Internet by The Atheist Experience, has been Tweeted by Phil Plait and retweeted by Grassroots Skeptics, and has gotten commented on by Zeno and Heathen Mike. All that, plus my usual skeptical friends like Bronze Dog and Skeptico, and lots of new people. I’ve had 1,145 page views today, over an average of 60 (I’m surprised it’s that high, given my low output of late).

I feel like the belle of the ball.

So, if nothing else, this has inspired me to get off my tuchus and write a little more frequently, so I can hopefully retain some of the new influx of readers. If you’re new here, take a look around, feel free to comment on old posts. I’ll be responding to the comments and criticisms in the Mike Adams post, I’m planning to follow up (a little less comprehensively) on his smug response to the skeptics, and I promised to do a post on GMOs. After that, I’ll see about dusting off some of the posts I’ve been meaning to finish for weeks.

Thanks for the compliments and the kick in the ass, everyone!