Welcome to the new digs! It doesn’t look like much yet, but I’ll be playing with the layout and such over the next several days until I get it looking the way I’d like. Hopefully I’ll have a blogroll and stuff up in the near future.

As for other details, if you follow with a feed reader, the new feed should be:

You can also click the “follow” link up top, but I’m not totally sure how that works yet.

All the posts and comments moved over from the original site, which redirects here now after a short delay. Comments should be closed on the Blogspot page, and I’ll probably do some other stuff to it to reduce available content.

Please use the comments here to let me know if you’re still around, and to tell me about any broken links, image issues, or other problems on the site.


One Response to Housewarming

  1. Bronze Dog says:

    Glad to see you’re active. A while back I clicked my link to your old location, got a message that it went private, and I assumed the worst. Put an updated link on my place. I’m doing my own blog restart, including rewriting the Doggerel series. So far, I’m managing to feel a bit more enthusiastic about posting than during my long slump.

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