An interesting experiment

A friend of mine and fellow vocal atheist has started up a new blog as a sort of religious exchange program. He agreed to read the Bible if his friend agreed to read The Blind Watchmaker. Both are blogging about it, and I’m interested in how it all turns out. There’s not much there yet, but I know that steady comments and regular readers are a pretty good impetus to keep writing, so please go check it out:

Understanding the Christian
And the Christian counter-blog is at:

Understanding the Skeptic

2 Responses to An interesting experiment

  1. Mythnam says:

    Okay…on the atheist blog, I read a list of Biblical contradictions and absurdities in a lighthearted if annoyed tone, going point by point and explaining why each particular bit was stupid.On the Christian blog, I read a short, nonsensical spiel that ignored the contents of the book he was supposed to be critiquing, followed by a considerably longer nonsensical spiel that was based on a series of strawmen, followed by some sort of preachy nonsensical spiel that smelt strongly of red herring.I do hope the situation improves over time.

  2. Doubting Tom says:

    I'll be honest, I haven't had the patience to check out the Christian's post yet. I skimmed through the text, but just the banner and sidebar gave me a Jesus overdose (or, INRIdigestion).

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