Over the last several months, I’ve gotten into watching a lot of scientific and skeptical videos on YouTube. I’ve become quite the fan of Thunderf00t, C0nc0rdance, AronRa, potholer54, dprjones, QualiaSoup, and a dozen other great YouTubers, but the first one I watched regularly was Captain Disillusion. Captain D has produced quite a few great, smart, funny videos with high production values, debunking popular videos and whatnot. It’s been pretty awesome. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been around for several months, and that’s part of what made me seek out the rest of YouTube’s prodigious skeptical community.

Well, he’s back, and with a five-video recap of TAM 7 that is fantastic. The first video is embedded below, but watch ’em all; they’re worth it.

2 Responses to Disillusioned

  1. Bronze Dog says:

    I found a lot of those other users, first, but I absolutely loved finding the Captain. I just wish he posted more often.Of course, I understand it takes some time to do all the effects he's fond of, and he's probably not getting paid for it.

  2. Flavin says:

    He sounds like Zoolander.

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