A relevant and somewhat political comic

Not to keep banging the same drum too much, but this recent Dinosaur Comic mentions something that Mike Adams somehow didn’t understand.

Yes, the water in our toilets–provided we’ve cleaned the bowl–is just the same as the water from the faucet. And you know, that is quite ridiculous. I mean, I suppose it saves on weird plumbing systems to have all water-using appliances drawing from one source as opposed to internally recycling, but the dinos really have a point here.

One Response to A relevant and somewhat political comic

  1. Dikkii says:

    My parents installed a greywater recycling thing at their place about five years ago. It's proved so successful that the local TAFE College sends round students of one of their courses frequently to see how it was done.The greywater gets used in toilets and for watering the garden. They've also got rainwater catchments in place as well. My Dad doesn't understand why in an arid climate like ours that more people don't do this sort of thing.

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