I am a dumbass

By my count, I have about 87 days of summer this year. This includes thirteen distinct and individual Saturdays. I have made precisely two specific commitments this summer. What are the chances they’d fall on the same day?

At this point, the chances are 1/1. You may have heard that the Action Skeptics, Wikinite, and I would be doing a skeptics’ panel at GenCon this year. As it turns out, while that’s going on in Indiana, I’m scheduled to be a Groomsman in Minnesota. Face, meet palm; head, meet desk.

So, I’m not going to be able to be on the panel, and while I really want to go to my friend’s wedding, I’m also really going to miss GenCon this year. This means that you all ought to be going to the Action Skeptics’ awesome skeptical presentation, and then telling me all about it.

Feel free to make this into an open thread about how much I suck.

7 Responses to I am a dumbass

  1. Bronze Dog says:

    Ow. I imagine your face has got to be stinging by now from all the abuse.

  2. Akusai says:

    Not yet, but it will be.It’ll be a bukkake of abuse.

  3. Akusai, there are children reading this! =P(Hint for young children: Wikipedia knows all! Which is exactly why you shouldn’t go there and look up bukkake, because I’m pretty sure it’d f*ck you up in the head. Or just confuse you. Actually, it’s most likely to be the latter.)

  4. Doubting Tom says:

    Oh man, abusekakke? That’s the worst kind!

  5. Akusai says:

    “Abusekakke.”I thought of that like an hour after I made the post when I was on my way to my mom’s house where there is no internet connection. Get out of my head!And KoF: I figure everyone’s got to learn these things eventually, so I might as well be the one to teach them.Fun story: A 40-something coworker was looking for anime pictures on some forum once and clicked on a thread labeled “lolicon” because, he said, he thought it was probably some sort of giant robot thing. I began laughing before he ever even expressed his horror at what he found therein.Have fun with that one, KoF!

  6. Hey kids, Wikipedia says avoid anyone who says anything about lolicon, because they probably want to rape you!Or maybe it doesn’t. I dunno. I didn’t actually check….I could make it say that…

  7. Akusai says:

    Yes, that is the beauty of Wikipedia.

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