April Fools Aftermath

Okay, it was pretty lame of me to recycle the same April Fools’ joke I did last year, especially since I didn’t even manage to write half as many joke posts as I did in 2008. In my defense, I’m much busier this year, and I’d planned on just writing off April Fools’ Day 2009, but a couple of ideas presented themselves, and so I resurrected the ChristianSkeptic. I don’t think it got quite as crazy (or quite as funny) this time around, but then, I was pretty proud of how last year’s gag turned out.

Lest you think this is over, I have several leftover ideas, which means this lazy recycled joke will probably become an endearing tradition. Hopefully next year I’ll also do something with the comic blog.

If you’re interested in seeing the gag site, it’s here. I’m still waiting for the day when someone comments on it thinking it’s genuine. I’d almost hate to think I made it totally Poe-proof.

3 Responses to April Fools Aftermath

  1. Techskeptic says:

    well, one single day is not a long amount of time to get it spread around the internet. Most people who link to you already know your stance.Maybe you should leave it up for a month.

  2. Bronze Dog says:

    I missed it last year, so it was new to me.

  3. Akusai says:

    Hey, I enjoyed it. Especially the implication that ChristianSkeptic is trying to circumcise his sister so his dad doesn’t yell at him.

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