And I thought “A Haunting” was bad

I was flipping channels when I stumbled on a show called “Scary…but True” on the Chiller network. I’ve managed to catch quite a bit of “Unsolved Mysteries” over the last several days, and I’ve heard more than a little gobbledygook about the coming apocalypse in 2012, but this show might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in months. It’s essentially Teen Ghost Hunters, with a liberal application of spooky narration and “Blair Witch Project”-inspired camerawork and ‘acting.’ The apex of stupidity: a kid spent the night in a haunted firehouse, was awakened by a noise, and went upstairs to investigate with his infrared camera. He was freaked out by a “grinning face,” which he even zoomed in on with his camera! It was…a piece of fabric, draped over something, and one section of the folds looked vaguely like a Comedy mask. He later said that this convinced him that ghosts were totally real, or something. It’s one of the lamest and most obvious bits of pareidolia I’ve ever seen on television, and it’s played totally straight.

If you happen to get Chiller, try to track down this show. It’ll make you real hopeful about the younger generation.

3 Responses to And I thought “A Haunting” was bad

  1. Akusai says:

    There’s a “Chiller Network?” That’s new on me.It sounds like a combination of “Paranormal State” and “MTV’s FEAR,” which was one of the dumbest shows of my high school years. Strap some lame-ass teen douchebags with cameras and send them into an old house at night. Fun!

  2. People my age: Stop being dumbasses! Everyone else has to deal with your reputation as a FSMdamned idiotic douchebag.

  3. Bronze Dog says:

    I remember getting a big headdesk from a YouTube video where some guys Blair Witched the camera onto a dog or a cat and started running, terrified of the ghost.

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