The Apocalypse is Upon Us

I never thought I’d be saying this. In fact, I’m both embarrassed and scared by it. See, I have this sudden feeling stirring for Paris Hilton.

What’s that? Attraction? Oh god no! I think she’s barely passable. No, this feeling is far deeper and more disturbing.

It’s respect.
I thought the end of the world would be more chaotic.

8 Responses to The Apocalypse is Upon Us

  1. Akusai says:

    I think a friend of my girlfriend’s put it rather succinctly:”I’d still rather bash her head in with a hammer than sleep with her, but I like her a little more now.”

  2. Dunc says:

    Heck, if I had a vote I’d be tempted to write her in… ;)

  3. Wikinite says:

    I remember the moment when I decided Paris Hilton was alright. It was when a camera crew caught her going through the McDonalds drive-through, and a bum looked over at her and said, “Hey, you’re Paris Hilton! Can I have a 100$?” She replied,”Sure!” and forked over a Benjamin.

  4. Flavin says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve seen this video posted on a few blogs and seen people wowed by the wonderful opinions of Ms. Hilton. WTF? In what world is she not reading a prompter?

  5. Wikinite says:

    She undoubtly is. The fact is she probably consulted people who likely know more about the issue than her, and went with their opinion. This demonstrates that even if she is ignorant that she is willing to listen to people who have the knowledge. Knowing your own limitations of ones own knowledge is a sign of intelligence.

  6. Akusai says:

    Plus she’s able to make fun of herself, which is a sign that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is also a plus.

  7. Will Staples says:

    I get the impression that somewhere along the line Hilton realized how much of a joke she is and took steps to fly just a little straighter.I still can only barely stand to look at her, but damn, that was good.

  8. Dikkii says:

    I see you got in ahead of me, although given our respective timezones, it could be a case of “great minds thinking alike”.I hafta say I was a bit confused my newfound feelings of respect.

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