Recycled Content!

Those of you who read my other blog already know about my computer woes. Things are going to get worse before they get better over here, despite the fact that there’s a lot of things I want to post here. Keep an eye on the “recent comments” widget on the side there, because there are some old comments I want to respond to (including weighing in on the hate crime thing, and apologizing/explaining myself to Dunc on the <A href="”>Jesus post). And don’t get me started on the backlog of posts on my regular blogs that I have to read. I whittled down my “regular” haunts when I lost the PC (it’s been way too long since I could has cheezburger on a regular basis), and now the situation’s even worse.

But until then, I noticed that Akusai resurrected a meme he found at Bronze Dog’s place. So, since that will allow me to actually write something for the blog while looking over my shoulder every thirty seconds to make sure a client hasn’t walked in, I figured I ought to do it. Clicky-clicky to see below the fold:

Accent: Midwestern American. I say “pop” instead of “soda.” I wish I had some cool British accent, but instead I get stuck with this blandness.

Booze: Nerd Beer. And Cherry Coke, but only the real stuff. I can’t stand grenadine.

Chore I hate: Doing dishes by hand. The day I get an apartment or house with a dishwasher, I will probably fall to my knees and weep hot tears of joy.

Dog or Cat: Dog. I like cats, but I don’t like having to remember to take Claritin every day (and I really don’t like itchy eyes and sneezing).

Essential Electronics: My computer(s), my iPod, my cell phone, and my awesome new speaker system/DVD player. In that order. Oh, and does my sonic screwdriver count?

Favorite Cologne: Used to be Brut Actif Blue, but that doesn’t exist anymore. Now it’s Ralph Lauren Polo Sport, which I like, but not as much as my girlfriend does.

Gold or Silver: I only ever played Pokémon Blue.

Hometown: Right now? Macomb, IL. Hopefully not for much longer, though I’ll probably stick around in the Land of Lincoln.

Insomnia: Overrated film. Oh, you mean the condition? Not since I was a kid. I’m a night-owl, though, so it’s in my nature to stay up until I’m exhausted.

Job title: Graduate Assistant, Student Teacher, Thong Supermodel.

Kids: Someday in the distant future. Until then, I’m busy corrupting my little brother. Case in point: his requested bedtime reading for the last several times I’ve seen him has been from the Eyewitness Book on Chemistry. On Sunday, it was Mendeleyev and the Periodic Table!

Living arragements: A slightly-too-small apartment with the kitchen in the hallway.

Most admirable traits: Humility.

Not going to cop to: Not knowing what “cop to” is supposed to mean.

Overnight hospital stays: None so far. Eventually my appendix will burst and infect my tonsils and gall bladder, giving me nasty kidney stones and putting me in traction, I’m sure.

Phobias: Heights. Or, more specifically, the feeling of falling. But when I’m high up I tend to imagine that feeling, which leads back to heights.

Quote: From me? Or from someone else, of which I approve? I’ll assume the former and say “Oh my god, I think I killed a hooker,” which was on my whiteboard for a year in undergrad.

Religion: Garden, fairies, bottom, you know the drill.

Siblings: Two brothers, both younger.

Time I wake up: In the morning, when the ‘larm gives out a warning, and I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time.

Unusual talent or skill: I have a knack for remembering lots of random trivia about trivial things.

Vegetable I love: Romaine lettuce, corn-on-the-cob, carrots, broccoli (with ranch dressing), and potatoes in various forms.

Worst habit: Almost certainly procrastination and a lack of punctuality.

X-rays: Dental, both wrists (more than once), one leg, left elbow, and I think that’s it.

Yummy foods I make: Everything I make is yummy. Recently, I’ve actually gotten pretty good at pancakes. But steak, hamburger, meatballs of various nationalities, chicken in several shapes, and several sorts of pasta, to be specific. It’d be better if my oven weren’t from the turn of the previous century.

Zodiac sign: I saw it, and it opened up my eyes.

4 Responses to Recycled Content!

  1. Akusai says:

    I totally sympathize. I was sans computer for about three months last year and paying a useless repair shop to tell me “Uhh…It worked fine for us” only to get it home and have it crash and refuse to start up. Then I went into the BIOS myself under the guidance of my girlfriend’s brother and we found that somehow the CPU had become overclocked and that solved the problem. I don’t think I’ll ever take my computer to the shop again.Chore I hate: Doing dishes by hand. The day I get an apartment or house with a dishwasher, I will probably fall to my knees and weep hot tears of joy.You might find, as I have, that any apartment/rental property with a dishwasher has such a shitty dishwasher that you end up washing them by hand twice anyway a lot of times: once before they go in, and once after to get the soap residue off. Someday I will have a massive fucking dishwasher that works well, but as long as I’m renting cheap shit, I will not.

  2. Dunc says:

    apologizing/explaining myself to Dunc on the Jesus postDon’t sweat it dude. I figured that was just some crossed wires somewhere… ;) Although I am interested to hear your thoughts.

  3. Dikkii says:

    Just did this myself. Good fun.

  4. Will Staples says:

    Likewise. Good way to kill time before work.

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