Post-Potter Updates

So, I finished the book ’round a quarter to 4 today. You can see my spoiler-free reactions here. I thought everything tied up quite nicely. Rowling has said not to rule out another book, and I’m against it wholeheartedly, with one exception. Text is whited-out for the spoilerphobic: SPOILERS POSSIBLE
I wouldn’t mind a book following Ginny and Neville at Hogwart’s over the course of the “Deathly Hallows” year.
And even that should be pretty spoiler-free, but beware just in case. Other than that, I’d prefer that Rowling close the book on the Potterverse. But, yeah, great book. Possibly the best in the series, definitely the best since Goblet of Fire.

In other news, as per your recommendations, I swiped The Mote in God’s Eye last time I was at home, as well as a couple of Samuel Delaney novels. I bought Isaac Asimov’s Robot Dreams, since I’m not quite ready to jump into another novel just yet, and I’ve got quite a few other sci-fi novels waiting on my bookshelf, from Bradbury to Zelazny. I haven’t made much progress in The Color of Magic, I’m sad to say, and The God Delusion has sat unread on my desk for a week or two now, due to class readings and then Harry Potter. But I’ve got a couple of weeks coming up that appear to be mostly empty, and I’m hoping to fill them with a book or so a day. Considering I plowed through 400-plus pages in Harry Potter yesterday, and that was just between classes and for a couple of hours at night, I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem.

So, I’m declaring open thread for the comments of this post. Feel free to rant and/or rave, share your thoughts about the book, and feel free to be spoilery. From this point onward, HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!

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