For some reason, I was about to log into MySpace, when I saw the following (emphasis added):
How can you possibly call someone who has a haircut from the Eisenhower era 'new'?
Here’s a closer look:Cool as 1845!
Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Aha…ahahahaha.

Oh, Sam Brownback. You’re so cool.

4 Responses to Neo-Contradiction

  1. Dikkii says:

    I’m about halfway through setting up a MySpace page.Thing is, I can’t really understand why I need it. It really appears like worthless crap to me.I just don’t get it.

  2. Doubting Tom says:

    The only reason I have one is to check the MySpace pages of people I know. Some people opt to have blogs there, for some strange reason. It’s also the only reason I have a LiveJournal.

  3. quantumberry says:

    Who died and made you Cool Sheriff? If MySpace says he’s cool, he must be cool.-CJV now signing in as quantumberry

  4. Doubting Tom says:

    Sheriff Awesome died, and left me his spangled cool-spurs. Are you suggesting that Sheriff Awesome wasn’t cool? I’d hate to think this rhinestone-studded rad-pistol was out of style…

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