This just in: Bush’s favorite song is “Rock the Casbah”

So, does anyone remember back in 2005, when one of the big news stories was that Bush was reading Albert Camus’s The Stranger while on vacation? At the time, I thought it was funny merely for the insinuation that our beloved Commander-in-Chief can read, let alone that he could read chapter books. After all, he reportedly eschewed his one-page daily briefings on national security, which led to missing that one way back which said “Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.,” and as I recall led to some sort of tragic event.

But I realized recently that there was another layer of humor to the story, one which I have to imagine, originates somewhere within Bush’s cabinet, whether it’s with whoever recommended he read the book, or whoever decided to publicize it. It’s someone with the same sick sense of humor that would cause a man to crawl under tables making fun of his inability to find WMDs, the same disregard for tact that would cause a man to jokingly sing about bombing Iran, or to suggest that he was going to give an IED as a present.

You see, The Stranger is about a man named Meursault (literally, “death-leap,” if I remember correctly) who kills an Arab for no real reason, and goes through his trial, imprisonment, and execution feeling absolutely no remorse, and really not caring about anything at all.

Someone played a joke, somewhere along the line, and I for one don’t particularly find it funny. It hits a little too close to home.

Especially if your home is in Baghdad.

4 Responses to This just in: Bush’s favorite song is “Rock the Casbah”

  1. Bill S. says:

    Jeez, that’s bleak. That honestly did not occur to me at the time. And now I have The Cure’s “Killing an Arab” running through my head, too.

  2. Dikkii says:

    I initially thought that was hilarious.Now I think it’s in shocking taste. But, looking at it from a different perspective, could whoever came up with this be making a point from the inside? Are things not as hunky dory as some might think in neo-con land?Have *gasp* ethics invaded the administration?

  3. Jon says:

    Enjoying “Rock the Casbah” is no less ironic than they very real fact that Bush has said his favorite song is “Wake Up Little Suzie”. An no song says fucked-up Republican baby boomer sexuality like “Wake Up Little Suzie”. Once again, parody becomes a refreshing glimpse of normalacy compared to the sad truth of what our society has become.

  4. Theriomorph says:

    Yeah, had the same reaction to the Camus spin. Thing is, even if he did actually read it, I am quite certain he didn’t GET it, the pigfucker. (Pardon.)

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