Comment issues

Apparently Blogger decided to change my comment settings for that last post, so on the off chance that you tried to comment and couldn’t, it’s fixed now.

7 Responses to Comment issues

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doubting Tom?You missed my post.Apparently Skeptico felt a need to shield you all.Well his visualization came true.In 3 short days. My goodness what power that man has LOL

  2. Doubting Tom says:

    And I see from the lack of a comment link on your ad hominem page that you are equally afraid of criticism. You make one claim that I’d like you to back up:In reality like most of us they do not have a clue how “quantum mechanics” REALLY works but sure would like you to believe they do.Exactly what about quantum mechanics don’t I understand? Exactly how does this comment not apply to the creators of The Secret? And, to reiterate my very basic question about quantum mechanics, what quantity is represented by the expression ?If you don’t know, ask Joe Vitale, since he obviously understands it more than me.

  3. I love how the loon links not only my blog as one of Skeptico’s “Anti-Secret” supporters (I’ve done posts on “The Secret” numbering zero) but also evolution blogs. What a fricking moron.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sorry, double post. I’m teh dumas.

  6. Doubting Tom says:

    I think she just copied the links list from Skeptico’s blog. I’m teh dumas.Any relation to Alexander Dumas? :)

  7. Nah, Mr. Dumas from the A&W Cream Soda commercial.

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