Today is a good day

Today is a good day to be an American. Whether your party won or lost, whether you’re rich or poor, whether you’re looking around your Congressional office and realizing that you’ll be packing it up in a few months, or picking out new letterhead, or still anxiously awaiting a recount, whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Other, whether you work a minimum wage retail job or run a multibillion-dollar corporation or are still a full-time student, today is a good day to be an American.
Why? Because assuming that the Democrats don’t immediately renege on all of their beliefs and promises, assuming they don’t do a full 180-degree turn on everything they’ve shouted from the Capitol Mall for the last six years, life will be better for you, regardless of your affiliations. Minimum wage will increase; insane judges will be blocked from the courts, the era of unreviewed, unquestioned cronyism is over; life-saving stem cell research will be conducted, while schools and colleges and the sciences receive a real boost. Affordable healthcare will be made a right, and not a privilege. Jobs will increase as corporations are finally called to account for bloated corporate pensions, rampant outsourcing, and tax evasion. The safety of our country will increase, as the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations are actually enacted, while our soldiers will receive the protection and guidance that they deserve. Our freedom will increase, as the words “oversight” and “checks and balances” and “accountability” return to the political discourse. Political ethics will increase, as voting reforms are enacted and investigations are conducted into the myriad scandals that plagued the previous session. Standard of living will increase, as the tax burden is shifted away from the overburdened lower classes and back to the bloated top 1% of earners, breaking up the American aristocracy. Our environmental health will increase, as real attention is suddenly paid to ideas like sustainability and renewability, and as we actually take steps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, foreign and domestic. Benefits will increase to all people, in countless ways, across the nation.

Of course, there will be some for whom the benefit is less tangible. Certainly the GLBT community has faced some setbacks. First, Mark Foley and Ted Haggard taking parting shots at the community as they drown in hypocrisy and disgrace, trying to reinvigorate the equivocation in the public mindset between “homosexuality” and “pedophilia” and “sexual immorality” and “perversion,” a connection which has no basis in reality. Then, in seven of eight states with a ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage, such initiatives passed. Indeed, the GLBT community appears to have suffered a terrible black eye; but there is a silver lining. Most of the media firestorm over Haggard has focused not on his drug use or his alleged homosexuality, but on his blatant hypocrisy on moral matters. While these anti-same-sex marriage initiatives passed in most states that offered them, Arizona rejected the ban, and the bills passed by slimmer margins than in the last election cycle. Plus, with a major Democratic presence in the Senate, the President will find it much more difficult to push through his ideologue judges, making the eventual and necessary overturning of these laws arrive that much more quickly. The tide is turning, and while the victory isn’t obvious, it’s still there.

But the real losers are the criminals and the corporations, who have skated by on the good graces of the Republican party for too long. With the sword of Damocles hanging precariously over the tax breaks for the very rich, with the Estate Tax firmly protected, with investigations and anti-outsourcing legislation waiting in the wings, the corporations will claim persecution and suffering. Yet, in the end, they will benefit too. More American jobs and higher minimum wage and lower taxes for the lower classes and affordable healthcare and strengthened Social Security will mean more Americans will be able to use their hard-earned money to enhance the economy, and not just the pharmeceutical companies and oil giants and insurance providers. This benefits the corporations, whether or not they want to look beyond tomorrow’s figures to see it.
And then the criminals–the corrupt lobbyists and politicians, from the morally reprehensible Mark Foley and his coverup-providers to the fiscally reprehensible Tom DeLay and his coverup-providers–who have been protected by the Good Ol’ Boy system of the Grand Ole Party, can cower and shake and tremble over the next three months as they wait for the other shoe to drop. Investigations are coming, ladies and gentlemen, and not the softball, we’ll-change-the-ethics-rules, self-enforced, not-sworn-in investigation pageants you’ve been conducting; real, solid, honest investigations. And they will find your secrets, and you will face up to your crimes. And your constituents will learn from their mistakes, and you will be replaced with someone with integrity and transparency. And your party will be better for it, as it can wash away the taint that has built for twelve years, and decide again what it wants to be. And the government will be better for it, because it will be purged of your corruption. And indeed, you will be better for it, because you will face the moral cleansing of well-deserved penance.

That sound you hear? That’s the sound of resurrection. Perhaps it is too early to say, but I have a feeling that I may be taking down that memorial graphic on the left. It’s a good sound.

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, no matter who represents you, today is a day to celebrate. For it is a good day to be an American.

4 Responses to Today is a good day

  1. Anonymous says:

    So my story was not only non-fiction, but also had a happy ending?RE: Foley. I wanted to say something like, “If homosexuality is perverted, only perverts will be homosexuals” but it doesn’t quite work. I do wonder if he would have behaved so appallingly if he had felt able to engage in a healthy homosexual relationship. Not making excuses for him, of course, just noting one of the consequences of intolerance.Finally, it was a bummer to see how many of the Republican losses were old Republicans rather than the new wave of flat-Earth republicans that came in on Bush’s coat-tails.-CJV

  2. MegLogan says:

    Fascinating theory espoused in your very first paragraph, “…whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Other,… Why?…life will be better for you, regardless of your affiliations.”Just down right fascinating. Your whole post goes on to claim immorality as “better for you”. Funny that you lump Christians in with that bunch of who will have a better life. I totally disagree. However, I also uphold the working of the government and support the democrats as the leading authority. Though I am a through and through Republican, and conservative Christian.I won’t agree that life will somehow be better for me because of it, but authority is authority, and placed there by God. So I willingly submit.Mrs. Meg Logan

  3. Doubting Tom says:

    No, Meg, authority was put there by the will of the people. And it’s a good day to be a Christian if for no other reason than the fact that Democrats are not trying to create a theocracy. See, so many conservative Christians support the Religious Right’s attempts to shoehorn God into the public sphere, that they fail to realize one simple, overwhelming fact: the Christianity that folks like Bush and Cheney and the Religious Right support is not your Christianity. Oh, you may think it is. You may even think “Christianity is Christianity, what’s the big deal,” but you’d be wrong. The Christianity of the Religious Right is a wholly self-serving sort, one that claims that the wealthiest and corruptest are the most blessed by God. One that says that the ends always justify the means, even if the means go against the word of God. Is that your Christianity? Did your Jesus say “I support the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor”?What Democrats want is freedom. The freedom for you to practice your Christianity, and for the Religious Right to practice theirs. Because in the end, when theocracy rises, everyone who diverts from the established order suffers. And that includes you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your memorial graphic is still there even after the 1st 100 hours and even after the Bush Administration’s warrantless surveillance program is now getting judicial oversight. Still think the constitution is dead?-CJV

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