Six weren’t enough, he needed more–

Via Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog, Wired has some six-word stories, at least a few of which are from authors you ought to recognize. I decided to try a couple of my own.

My last thought was of you.

Wake up! Don’t you hate Finnegan’s

“Shit,” says atheist to St. Peter.

Christians were pissed when Ragnarok came.

God erased comma, wrote period: Fin.

“Why is the Messiah Douglas Adams?”

The beginning, the middle, the end…?

Whew. Done. Now who’ll bury me?

Words failed me; so did kevlar.

I wished, Genie clapped. Big bang…

“Let there be light,” said Doug.

“Darling, let’s live happily ever after.”

4 Responses to Six weren’t enough, he needed more–

  1. Anonymous says:

    Conservative rhetoric. Wild oats. Lose seats.-CJV

  2. Akusai says:

    I’ve got:God did it. ID says so.And:ID is correct. God says so.Or maybe:Aliens, possibly? Please teach our crap.

  3. Alainadragon says:

    This is all I got:Cthulhu awoke. The world went mad.

  4. Doubting Tom says:

    I’ve never quite understood the Cthulhu fascination. I read the first story in the mythos a year or two ago, and I wasn’t really moved by it. I mean, there’s something seriously awesome about Cthulhu’s design and all that, but I haven’t quite made the connection between that and the Cult. What should I be reading to get the full Cthulhu experience?Love the contributions, everyone. I’m sure hoping that yours ends up being nonfiction, CJV :).

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