Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Celebrate the birth of one of history’s greatest civil rights activists by exercising and enjoying your civil rights. While you still have them.

Better yet, call up your local Senator and tell him or her to filibuster Alito. Fight with your voice. WWMLKD?

2 Responses to Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

  1. web_loafer says:

    Tom, I have only one question.Do you think the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. quoted limiricks at the pearly gates?You should be ashamed to mention the name of such a good Christian on your Christian bashing blog.

  2. Doubting Tom says:

    Yep, bashing Christians, that’s what I’m all about.I think Jesus, rebel and political rabble-rouser that he was, probably had a sense of humor. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. did too. People who fight for their freedoms typically have to, or they go a little nuts. Of course, the rest of my blog is so horrendously anti-Christian, with my defenses of Jesus’s teachings and my condemnations of people who pay lip service to his philosophy, but don’t actually follow it, that I could see how you’d get that idea. Of course, you must be a consummate Christian, since you count “The Passion of the Christ” among your favorite movies. I know when I think of the important parts of Jesus’s life, I think of two hours of beatings, not the beatitudes.Hope you keep visiting. Cheers!

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