The Patwa

What is with Pat Robertson lately? Calling for Hugo Chavez’s assassination, condemning New Orleans and Dover, PA, saying that Ariel Sharon’s stroke was a good ol’ smiting, hawking a weight loss shake…seems like he’s trying way too hard to be in the center of attention right now. Is he afraid that the Good Word (TM) is no longer working, and he sees being Shock Jock for Jesus as his only way of communicating with the flock? Is he just clamoring for ratings? Is he batshit insane? Good questions all.

I think he’s just a tired old man who has hated so many for so long that he no longer knows who’s on his side and who isn’t. I think he’s so full of vitriol and anger that he’s spewing it at everyone he can. I think he feels betrayed by mainstream Christians and the political leaders of the far Right, who have abandoned their faith-based initiatives in order to save themselves from political scandal and unelectability.

Mostly, though, I think he’s getting to the end of his life, and he’s afraid of what comes next. He has spent his whole life believing that he would not die, but would ascend bodily into Heaven during the Rapture. He’s getting old, and Jesus ain’t back yet, and he’s getting more than a little anxious. This man has never before had to seriously confront his own mortality, because his skewed faith has told him otherwise. He’s lashing out because he’s backed into a corner, and you just know the doubts are piling up. “Maybe he’s not coming yet.” “Maybe I’m not pure enough.” “Maybe I shouldn’t use a religious program to sell weight loss products.”

It’s angering, sure. But moreover, it’s pathetic. Next time he says something outrageous, just look into those squinty eyes and remember the small, trembling fear that lies behind them, and let the anger give way to utter pity.

One Response to The Patwa

  1. JM says:

    Drop the uber-religiosity and that sums up the feelings of most of the radical right today. They’ve fought so hard for so long for this moment of complete Republican power but it’s not what they hoped for. Nowhere in this nation is the idealized Norman Rockwell 1950s society they thought would arise through their policies and the more they try, the more screwed up life becomes for everyone. Now they face the collapse of their conservative revolution, Democrats are poised for strong showings in 2006 and 2008, there’s an outside chance that in five years Bush, Rove, Abramoff, Frist, Scooter Libby and DeLay will all be facing jail time for their various felonies. Their best hope for re-election in ’08 and any shread of political respectability in John McCain and that might be the worst of all. The only response they know is to do what brought them there: lash out against an invisible enemy. This experiment with Republican/Christian fascist rule is a train wreck, the people know it and they know it too.

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